With the prevalence of pot-holes and speed bumps now common on our roads, Oil Sumps are becoming a common failure point due not only to impact damage, but also corrosion – especially where the protective finish has been damaged leaving bare steel exposed to the elements.

Borg & Beck supplies a short range of premium quality Oil Sumps that cater for the most common applications, such as the aluminium VAG 1.9TDI version (available with and without the oil level sensor provision) and the popular Fiat 500 / Vauxhall/Opel Corsa 1.3TD reference. The range is manufactured using aluminium or steel construction depending on the OE specification, with all steel sumps having a powder coating to ensure longevity and extra resistance against corrosion.

Plus, we provide a range of 7 Sump Plugs, which are available to buy separately, including the popular patented plastic sump plug for VAG Golf, A3 and A4

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